Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm — ends 9/30

18 Sep

You Are The Roots That Sleep Beneath My Feet & Hold The Earth In Place is giving away a container of Angel Baby Bottom Balm from Earth Mama Angel Baby. The giveaway ends Sept. 30. U.S. and Canadian entries.

We use cloth diapers and my son has eczema and Angel Baby Bottom Balm is the most effective diaper rash ointment I’ve found that is safe for cloth diapers and doesn’t irritate my son’s skin. I used it on him as a newborn and then switched to the GroBaby (now GroVia) stick. GroBaby worked well until my son started solid foods. From then on, we were battling diaper rashes and/or eczema in his diaper area on and off for months. I switched back to the Angel Baby Bottom Balm and his eczema completely cleared up. He still gets a diaper rash occasionally if we don’t change a poopy diaper soon enough, but the Angel Baby Bottom Balm clears it up really well. I love this stuff!

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Posted by on September 18, 2011 in Kids


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