Best Bottom Diapers — ends 10/5

27 Sep

Nicki’s Diapers is giving away a “hoot” Best Bottom Diapers cover, two stay-dry inserts and one overnight insert. The giveaway ends Oct. 5.

I decided to cloth diaper before I was even pregnant with my son. There are a ton of great advantages to cloth diaper, but the main reasons that inspired me were the cost savings, ecological benefits, health benefits and the fact that they’re just so darn cute.

When DS was born, we tried out a variety of cloth diapers and decided we liked the all-in-two style best. We started with GroBaby, but after a few months the velcro had completely worn out, so I started checking out other options.

I happened upon Nicki’s Diapers‘ Best Bottom Diapers and was instantly sold. The Best Bottom Diapers addressed a lot of the issues we’d had with the GroBaby diapers. I especially loved that they had an organic/hemp option (they are so trim!) and that the interior was wipeable (our GroBaby diapers used to smell like urine).

We’ve been using Best Bottom Diapers for well over a year now and I’m still happy with our choice. We’ve only had one snap break on us and some of the inserts are starting to get holes in them, but that doesn’t surprise me with all the use they’ve had. Overall, we’ve been very happy with these dipes. The only thing that would make them better to me is if they had a wool cover option.

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